13 September 2017

1 — Retirement homes with splendid privacy: BAAN SAMMI Nature Resort, an overview

Plumeria Home — Garden view

In BAAN SAMMI Nature Resort, accommodation units (bungalows, pavilions) are offered for rent especially for seniors or retirees. What characterizes this privately owned residential site with regard to its suitability for living for the elderly?

Retirement residence, seniors residence, retirement homes ?
Instead of luxury size, prestigious architectural style and parks that characterize a residence, BAAN SAMMI offers manageable privacy in individual living space: Little bungalows and pavilions in a simple architectural style, and a large natural garden, for the independent elderly.

Seniors apartment, seniors dormitory, seniors commune ?
Each person or couple lives in privacy in an own house with garden. There is no dormitory regulation or house sharing.

Seniors housing community ?
You can live independently in BAAN SAMMI, though you will live in a resort community. Housing community and household community is not intended. A sense of community develops among the people living in the resort on the basis to respect privacy and to take responsibility. Your own house and your own garden are private areas, which are not at disposal to anyone else.

Living abroad as a senior — in Thailand ?
The advantages of living in Thailand clearly outweigh the disadvantages. Warm and non-muggy climate throughout the year, never too cold, never extremely hot, healty food, high quality health care, low living costs are dominant plus points! The resort community can help facilitate the approach to Thai culture.

Assisted living, care for the elderly ?
Care, before or when it becomes necessary, needs to be organized by the tenant on his own responsibility in cooperation with the resort community which will assist. Generally, it is possible to temporarily or permanently employ a kitchen maid or room maid, also to provide a (Thai) caretaker with temporary or long-term accommodation in a nearby pavilion or a neighboring house. However, this causes additional costs.

Option to purchase an accommodation ?
In BAAN SAMMI you can rent an accommodation. A long-term lease-like contract is not ruled out, but you should consider to stay here for one to two years before you are serious about a long bond.

Active living in retirement ?
Individual and joint interests and activities can be deployed, e.g. concerning Internet and other media, gardening, cycling, traveling, learning Thai language. It is particularly important to make personal contacts in the first years, not restricted to the resort community.

2 — Is BAAN SAMMI the right choice for me?

BAAN SAMMI Nature Resort — South-eastern view

Living at BAAN SAMMI Natur-Resort is most suitable ...

as a retreat for seniors who want to escape the winter of the northern hemisphere for up to 6 months a year.

as a permanent retreat for people in retirement, immediately or as a precaution for later.

for nature lovers and recreation seekers who want to live on the countryside but still close to the city.

for the adventurous senior travelers who appreciate the cool climate of the mountains and the natural beauty of the north of Thailand.

for seniors who need a mild climate year-round.

for seniors who do not want to relinquish Western goods and food.

for seniors who need to be close to a high quality health care infrastructure.

Both, single persons and couples are welcome. The ideal starting age is between 50 (or younger) and 65 (70) years. Here, you will get individual support and advice with a living concept tailored to your personal wishes and needs. Important is a harmonious lifestyle within the resort community, and active responsible behavior. During your first visit and in discussions with the people living here, you will quickly discover whether BAAN SAMMI is the right choice for you. And when you look at the financial aspects and compare it with other offers, BAAN SAMMI will surely count to the first choice. In addition, we offer you a reside trial, provided that an accommodation is available at the desired dates. During this time you will get to know BAAN SAMMI, the nearer and wider surroundings, the climate and everything you need to know. And then you can decide without risk if BAAN SAMMI is the right choice for you and if you want to settle down.

3 — What does count for Chiang Mai as a place to live?

Ho Kham Royal Pavilion in the Royal Flora Ratchaphruek, a spacious park in Chiang Mai

BAAN SAMMI is located on the countryside and yet close to the city of Chiang Mai. What are the advantages of this location for residence?

Subtropical climate, amicable year-round — Heating and air-conditioning are hardly necessary, for some persons even dispensable.

Temperatures and humidity considerably lower than in Central and South Thailand, throughout the year.

Compared to the city of Chiang Mai, temperatures are 1–3 °C lower on the countryside throughout the year.

Frequently sunny days, little rain: Even during the so-called rainy season, days are often sunny.

Quiet residential area, beautiful rural surroundings, views to hills and mountains.

Not far to the city of Chiang Mai with all its amenities, only 15–30 minutes by car.

International airport only 23 km away, daily flights to Bangkok, direct flights to Singapore, Malaysia and some other countries.

Department stores and shopping malls with an extensive range of Western products.

Very good and close health care supply: Doctors and dentists, hospitals and pharmacies.

Friendly Thai household and nursing staff, available half-day or full-time, at a relatively low cost.

Low cost of living, especially for food, clothing, health care, travel.

Excellent restaurants with Thai and Western cuisine, local markets with great product offer.

Delivery service of groceries and meals.

Area with numerous places of sightseeing interest, many natural parks and scenic regions.

Visa regulations for people over 50 make permanent residence in Thailand possible.

4 — What are the special features of BAAN SAMMI Nature Resort?

Dragon's Paddling Pool — the big pond in BAAN SAMMI nature resort

BAAN SAMMI Nature Resort has a number of advantages that will ensure you a pleasant and carefree living.

Quiet living, private decorative garden area, beautiful views.

Only 5 residential units (e.g. bungalow with pavilion and garden), each building with its own character.

The low number of residential units ensures privacy.

4 of the 5 residential units located on the bank of the big pond, 3 residential units with private pier.

All residential units are ready for occupancy.

Internet (WLAN) throughout property, communication with your friends and family abroad is possible by email and Internet video phone calls (such as Skype, Line) around the clock.

The residential unit with adjacent garden is private area, separated from the community area by plants and pot plants, not by fences or walls.

Large natural garden for the community, comprising a big natural pond for swimming and boating, smaller ponds, tall trees and shady pathways, sitting areas, barbecue.

Some changes in the buildings possible if required, e.g. to achieve improvement for a disabled person.

If you do not want to move into your own house yet, there is the possibility of renting it out short-term or long-term to people in vacation.

Support and care during your stay, managing and maintenance during your absence.

Transport and delivery services, help in the household, arranging of home care are possible.

Public transportation, as close as from/to our property entrance gate.

Free grocery delivery service, to your front door or to your kitchen.

Free delivery service of meals, in wide selection, Thai and Western cuisine.

5 — BAAN SAMMI Nature Resort: Resort map

BS Resort Map 1: Site plan
showing community and private areas of use

The site plan provides an overview: Boundaries, existing buildings (bungalows, pavilions, huts, gazebo), existing ponds and canals, driveway and pathways, private garden areas and community garden areas.

Two gates connect the fenced resort property with the public village road to the west. The neighboring areas are rice fields and building land.

6 — Bungalows and pavilions in BAAN SAMMI Nature Resort, an overview

4 lakeside bungalows and pavilions located on the 1.7 acres (about 7,000 square meters) property of Baan Sammi Nature Resort, are available for rent.

(1) Plumeria Home, comprising (1a) Plumeria Bungalow, left, and (1b) Khilek Pavilion, right
(2) Tai Saeng Chan Pavilion (Moonlight Pavilion)
(3) Lychee Lodge
(4) Dillenia Home, comprising (4a) Dillenia Bungalow, left, and (4b) Chom Doi Pavilion, right

Rental rates depend on type of house and rental period. There is a monthly rental rate, as well as rental rates for longer stay, which are listed in the Table of Rental Rates for each type of house.

NEW 3-YEAR SPECIAL: For people who want to stay up to 6 months each year (usually to escape winter from the northern hemisphere), a low monthly rental rate applies to some of the house.

The current availability of each bungalow and pavilion can be found in the first chapter, "AVAILABILITY OF RENTALS ...", of the resort website.

Detailed descriptions of the bungalows and pavilions can be found on chapters 5–13 of the resort website.

7 — BAAN SAMMI: Location and surroundings

BAAN SAMMI is located only 10 miles (15 km) northeast of the city of Chiang Mai in northern Thailand, in the district Doi Saket.

The above generalized map gives an overview of the location and the surrounding area. BAAN SAMMI is located in grid E8.

Alternatively, you can find BAAN SAMMI in Google Maps. For a closer localization of BAAN SAMMI (highlighted in light green), choose the Google satellite aerial photo.

BAAN SAMMI is located between two small villages on the countryside. The landscape is characterized by huge rice fields, separated by numerous irrigation canals, ditches and rivulets, framed in natural vegetation, and with scattered small rural villages, still with some wooden farm houses. Because of the proximity to the city, several residential compounds and single villas have been built in neighboring villages, but the rural character is still present.

The area is located in the approximately 15 miles (25 km) wide plain of Chiang Mai (see Google Satellite Aerial Photo of Chiang Mai). The plain is bounded by the western mountain range (the foothills of Doi Suthep reach down to the city of Chiang Mai), the eastern mountain range (the foothills reach down to Doi Saket), and the northern hills (behind San Sai and Doi Saket, with Mae Kuang Dam and Reservoir). At clear sight, there are nice views of the surrounding hills and mountains.

8 — BAAN SAMMI: Accessibility and distances

The above generalized map shows the main route between Chiang Mai and BAAN SAMMI. To enlarge and print this map, choose the same map in the BS Route Map Album. As addition to this map, there is an illustrated route description.

Yellow song-thaeo on regular route
between Chiang Mai and Doi Saket
BAAN SAMMI can be reached not only by private transport but also by means of public transport as close as to the entrance gate of our property. Public transport is not expensive, but you will need a few days to get used to it, and get oriented. Then you can reach every destination in the surrounding area as well as in and around Chiang Mai. You only spend a little more travel time than by private transport. The public transport is chiefly served by the vehicle type song-thaeo (a small bus with 2 rows of seat), plus various types of vehicles which do not operate on fixed routes, such as taxicab, some red song-thaeos, tuk-tuk, and saleng (three-wheeled covered motorcycle taxi). There are also buses in the city of Chiang Mai.

Detailed information on distances and routes, destinations (such as shopping, restaurants, banks), private transportation for rent, and public transportation, is available in Vicinity of Baan Sammi Nature Resort.

9 — BAAN SAMMI: Resort facilities and senior-oriented services


The size of the resort area is about 1.7 acres (almost 7,000 square meters). The area is largely natural, parts of the area are slightly elevated and sloped. There is a large natural pond, four small ponds, canals, a gazebo, a boat and storage hut, and abundant vegetation: wild trees, bamboos, climbers, most of them indigenous, and ornamental trees and bushes, many with fragrant flowers, palm trees, ferns, orchids, and herbaceous ground cover plants. Various fruit trees were planted, including mango, lychee, rose apple, grapefruit, lemon, tamarind, banana and papaya.

The large pond is suitable for swimming, fishing, and boating. Pathways, gazebo and sitting areas invite you for a walk and rest. There are several places for barbecuing. Grill equipment and a paddle boat are available. The use of the resort area for recreation is available to the resort community and their guests.

Storage space for bulky things can be used if necessary. There are car parking spaces, and roofed parking spaces for motorbike and bicycle available.

Basically, the resort has electricity, gas (for certain houses), Internet (WLAN throughout the resort area), mobile phone signals from several providers, drinkable tap water with reserve tanks and pumps, bottled drinking water, pond and ground water for plant irrigation, car and motorbike parking spaces.

A delivery service for ready meals is available 6 days a week. This service, offered by a nearby restaurant, is free. A variety of dishes can be ordered, e.g. Thai dishes as well as western dishes including pizza.

A grocery delivery service from TescoLotus is available daily and online. This service is free of charge if the order exceeds a relatively low minimum value.


On request, the following facilities can be provided at a charge: Generator, Thai TV, International television programs (via Internet, for rent), roofed car parking space, motorbike, scooter, and bicycle rental.


Certain services, offered to all tenants, may be offered charged and compulsory. Currently, none of such services are offered.


These chargeable services may be offered, usually from external service suppliers, but there is no obligation to use them.

Taxi and pick-up service, individual delivery services, change of bed linen and towels, laundry service, room cleaning service, supply of breakfast and meals, in-house medical care, doctor visits, care in daily affairs, maid for kitchen and household, nursing care, organized individual and group travels.

The resort community organizes to make the above mentioned services available if wanted or needed. Therefore, only actual service costs are incurred.

10 — BAAN SAMMI: Cost calculation

The most important costs that you may incur during your stay at Baan Sammi are explained in the following.
  1. Rental costs: These costs are mainly dependent on the chosen type of house. All rental rates are listed in the Table of Rental Rates for each house. Here two examples: Our biggest house with 947 ft² (88 m²) of living space, Plumeria Home, consisting of Plumeria Bungalow and Khilek Pavilion, costs 12,000 Baht per month with a 3-year rental contract and for an occu­pancy of 1–2 people. There is a lump sum utility cost of 1,900 Baht per month, plus electricity, which can cost 500 to 2,000 Baht per month depending on the power consumption. A small house with 322 ft² (30 m²) of living space, Lychee Lodge, costs 7,000 Baht per month with an annual rental contract and for a single person, or 7.840 Baht for a couple, in each case plus an all-inclusive lump sum utility charge of 2,295 Baht per month.
  2. Rental utility costs: All utility costs are itemized in the Tables of Rental Rates.
  3. Cost of household aid: The amount of this cost are essentially dependent on the type of help (e.g. change of bed linen, cleaning of bed linen and clothes, cleaning of rooms, sweeping of private garden area, shopping, cooking), the duration per day and frequency per week or month. Costs must be agreed in advance. For irregular help, costs could start with 600 Baht per half day and 1,000 Baht per whole day (8 hours), for recurring help, e.g. for 2 days every week, the costs are somewhat lower. A full-time household maid (on 5 days per week) costs about 15,000 Baht per month.
  4. Cost of household aid combined with elderly care: Daily care (during daytime, 8 hours) costs of 15,000 to 20,000 Baht per month (5 days per week) would be incurred. For daily care (7 days per week), 2 people have to share the care and costs of 20,000 to 30,000 Baht per month.
  5. Cost of transportation: If you use public transport, the costs are low. For example, for a trip to Chiang Mai and back, fares of approximately 120–200 Baht per person would be incurred. If you need a taxi, e.g. from Uber or Grab, you should expect 300–500 Baht per trip (1–3 persons). Alternatively, it is cost-effective to buy a bike, motorbike or scooter and use such a vehicle for short distances.
  6. Cost of living: By mostly self-catering or buying inexpensive food at foodstalls (25–40 Baht per meal), you can survive well with a budget of 5,000 to 10,000 Baht per month.
Other most notable costs that need to be paid are related to visa, health insurance, and mobility in Thailand. These topics are discussed in the secondly following chapter. In addition, you should con­sider on how many flights within a certain period you would travel back home, and return to Thailand, and estimate their costs.

There is useful information on the Internet on the cost of living and prices in Thailand. You may search in the Chiang Mai Forum of thaivisa.com.

11 — Reside trial in Baan Sammi Nature Resort

We can offer you a reside trial period of up to half year, or full year. During this time you will get to know Baan Sammi, the nearer and wider surroundings, the different climates and anything else you wish to know. Then you will be able to decide without risk if Baan Sammi is the right choice for you and whether you want to settle down and proceed with a long-term rent.

The period to stay for a reside trial depends on the availability of the accommodation rentals. The current availability is stated in the first chapter (= newest post) of the resort website.

12 — Three important decisions: Visa, health insurance, mobility

If you are considering to realize the wish to live in Thailand for a long time or permanently, you should get answers to 3 important questions about visa, health insurance, and mobility. You can find information from the Internet, e.g. forums in thaivisa.com.

  • Visa: There are 2 types of visa under consideration, multiple entry tourist visa, and non-immigrant visa type O. Visa requirements largely depend on nationality of the visa applicant, therefore get information from the Thai embassy or a Thai consulate in your home country.
  • Health insurance: You need to find out if your existing coverage of health insurance would cover a long or permanent stay in Thailand, too, or would allow to extend such a cover at a premium.
  • Mobility: The main issue is traffic mobility, i.e. if you can or wish to rely on public transportation in Chiang Mai, or need private transportation, e.g. car or motorbike.

13 — Infrastructure and leisure activities in the vicinity of BAAN SAMMI Nature Resort and in Chiang Mai

Please see the last two chapters of the resort website: Resort Area and Vicinity of Baan Sammi Nature Resort.

14 — Contact

Khun Sam + Khun Dieter, BAAN SAMMI Nature Resort
คุณแซม และ คุณดีเท่อร์ บ้านแซมมี

Khun Sam (Samran Apaipong) is the manager of BAAN SAMMI NATURE RESORT AND BAMBOO GARDEN, Khun Dieter (Dieter Ohrnberger, Dipl.-Ing.) was project and construction manager of the resort, and both are owner of the resort.

Address — ที่อยู่
Baan Sammi, 79 M. 6, Ban Pa Yang Poi, T. Pa Lan,
A. Doi Saket, Chiang Mai, 50220, Thailand
บ้านแซมมี ๗๙ หมู่บ้าน ๖ บ้านป่ายางปอย ตำบลป่าลาน อำเภอดอยสะเก็ด จังหวัดเชียงใหม่ ๕๐๒๒๐

Phone — โทรศัพท์
Khun Sam's mobile phone: 0066 (0)89 6339517, daily 9:00–19:00 h, Bangkok time
(check time with WORLD CLOCK)
Time zone: Bangkok time = UTC (GMT) + 7:00 h, = CET + 6:00 h
Internet telephony with Skype; contact name: baansammi
Best time for phone calls is in the morning, noon and evening. Date and time of Skype calls need to be pre-agreed by email.

Email — อีเมล์
For a first contact via email please use the contact form in the right column above.
Our response by e-mail will usually take 1–3 days. If there is no response email in your inbox, please check your spam mail folder.

Language — ภาษา
English, Thai: by phone and email. German: by email only
เยอรมัน อังกฤษ ไทย ติดต่อสอบถามทางโทรศัพท์และอีเมลย์

Visits — เยี่ยมบ้านแซมมิได้
Please, announce your visit some days in advance.